Perfect weather today.  I ran my favorite Minneapolis route - Isles (1x), Calhoun (1x) and Harriet (2x) for a total of 13.1 miles.  It was a very pleasant run and my average pace was just under 9:00/mile. 

I planned it so my finish was at the Lake Harriet main beach.  After stopping my Garmin I walked for a little bit then took a dip in the lake.  Oh my, did that feel good.  I was so gritty with salt that a few small fish went belly up when that part of the fresh water lake turned to salt water.

When I got home Sheila had chicken pasta waiting for me.  I was so hungry; it was really nice to have a good lunch ready right away.

Now it’s nap time.

A few observations I made while on my run:

If you can afford a Cervelo S2 you probably can afford to buy a second bike that’s more appropriate for towing your kids in a Burley trailer.  A kid trailer behind a carbon fiber bike just seems wrong.  Same reason you don’t often see a trailer hitch on a Porsche 911.

What’s worse than running in a skirt?  Running in a pleated running skirt.  Blech.

Aero bars on a comfort bike?  Well, it’s your money.  If it makes you happy go for it but I’m not so sure you’re going to get noticeably quicker.

  1. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Lemme know next time you’re headed to the lake so I can run by you in a pleated running skirt!
  2. regainingmymoxy said: I need to start shipping for my frilly running skirt for Chicago.
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