Bob, Ross, Tony.

Bob, Ross, Tony.

  1. regainingmymoxy said: I really wish you guys had opted to wear these, or even pants, at dinner.
  2. chrisbiketri said: Nice to know if this running thing doesn’t work out you all could easily model jammies. Looks great!!!
  3. melanietris said: Nice flannel!
  4. gilliansquirtle said: cool pants, dudes.
  5. chrystimoreorless said: The flannel pants…
  6. happyhealthyheidi said: Love the pants guys! Great job out there today.
  7. tallmormon said: The old guys!
  8. springermom said: CONGRATULATIONS!!
  9. trimamatri said: You guys look AWESOME in those jammie pants! Too funny!
  10. michaeldoeslife said: Ross looks unimpressed. Congrats!
  11. ceebeedoeslife said: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! …on your way to a plaid pants convention?