It’s going to snow all day.  Then it’s going to get very cold tomorrow morning.  There are no doughnuts in my house.  I really want a doughnut.  I don’t want to walk to the grocery store to get one.

  1. runningthankful said: So pretty! Send some to Chicago. Speaking of Chicago, how about that Bears-Vikings game? So proud of those Bears! (Sarcasm, total sarcasm.)
  2. mar-kicksass said: I should loan you Kate. She could pull you in a sled. :) No time for doughnuts, you need to get shoveling (or snowblowing?).
  3. dawnversion2point0 said: It’s 80 with 66% humidity here right now. Why do you live up there?!
  4. keepingupwithmcjones said: It’s weird looking at snow when it’s a miserably humid 74 effing degrees here.
  5. kungfucaveman said: That, right there, is an example of piss poor planning
  6. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: But you can go WALKIN IN A WINTER WONDERLAND!!!
  7. runningwithguts said: You should have had a daughter that likes to bake. I’d make you some doughnuts.
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  9. shrinkingmomma said: I’m jealous! I want snow! But I don’t want it to be cold! I guess I’ll take my weather after all.
  10. chrystimoreorless said: This is just gross. And it’s doing the same thing at my house. Ugh.
  11. becky-balances said: My roommate and I walked through the big storm in 2010 just for doughnuts. You can do it!
  12. run2bme said: I want some! Snow, that is. Not donuts.
  13. runsforbrunch said: ugh, I am so jealous!! I want it to snow in NYC!
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