It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

It has been a while since I’ve had a beer of the night post.  I got this idea for this brew from MrBillforeal

Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat:  Ale brewed with midnight wheat, chocolate malt, chili and spice. 

Do I need a whipped cream and straw? Shredded cheddar and a spoon? A stein?

Pictured is my beer in the porteur rack on my new bike.  There is room to spare.  Erin assured me that my new Timbuk2 messenger bag would easily hold a 12-pack.  I put six bottles in there and don’t doubt I could double it.  Remove the laptop and it could go to 18.  Hey - there’s a great tag line for Timbuk2.  “Theirs goes to 11. Ours goes to 18.”  You’re welcome!

Am I a pessimist because I purchased only a sixer?  I will drink one bottle per day finishing the last one on December 21,  2012.  Nothing will go to waste.

No need to recycle the glass bottles either.  Why bother?  I already stopped paying bills and putting gas in the car.  (Don’t worry, it’s a Corolla and can make it until next Friday.)

I feel fine.

  1. victoriafindslife said: I hve ha that beer. Decent.
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  4. pharmkitten said: I had this one the other night. It was good. I did not get the chili though. I do have 3 new North Carolina beers. All pretty dark and delicious. I will seriously pack some up and send them to Minnesota if you give me your address.
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