That’s gonna leave a mark.

The good news is the light snow stopped just before I got on my bike. The bad news is that it was sunny and 26 degrees. The snow fell, melted somewhat then froze. 

Several parts of my route were as icy as the stare Lance Armstrong is going to get if he ever has a sit-down with the Postmaster General.

At one point on the Cedar Lake Regional Trail there’s a small dogleg to cross some train tracks. It was one part of the trail that wasn’t covered by light snow so it didn’t look slippery. I navigated the two quick turns too fast. That’s when I learned the dogleg was covered in clear ice.

I must have looked like Bambi on ice. A tube of Carmex in my pocket tried it’s best to break my fall. Now I am going to have a Carmex-sized bruise on my hip. Right on top of the bruise that’s the size of my entire hip.


  1. regainingmymoxy said: OW! Sorry about the fall. SEND THE SNOW TO NYC!!
  2. run2bme said: "Carmex" mark on your thigh? riiiiiiight. Not a hickey. Carmex. got it. whatever.
  3. sabbyrunsatl said: I love when that happens.
  4. karikeepsrunning said: Oh, toughen up! ;)
  5. iron-inside said: Ouch!
  6. victoriafindslife said: Ouch!
  7. runningthankful said: It’s so pretty! Dangerous, but pretty. Glad you make it home.
  8. gettingamyright said: Ow!!
  9. mar-kicksass said: Ouch! Did the Lance interview with Oprah air yet?
  10. shortmom said: Doh!
  11. chrystimoreorless said: Ouch!!
  12. melanietris said: Ouch! Glad you wear a helmet to protect your noggin!
  13. becky-balances said: Oof.
  14. trimamatri said: oh crap!!
  15. ceebeedoeslife said: =(
  16. auspiciouspatti said: Ouch.
  17. snapthistiger said: oh Snap…….
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