Friday we saw Matt graduate from Navy “A” school (technical training). It was really neat meeting the kids in his class and talking to some of his instructors.

I call them “kids” but I shouldn’t. They’re all supporting themselves now. It’s interesting how on one hand they have their own full-time incomes. You can see that somewhat by all the Mustangs, Chargers and big pickup trucks in the parking lot at the school. On the other hand they still have acne and look about 15-years-old with the buzz haircuts. One sailor I saw in the Navy Exchange store looked younger than a bottle of Macallan 12-year-old Scotch.

We got to see a little of the base. Everyone called Sheila and me ma’am and sir. The sailors are extremely polite and well spoken.

Good afternoon, sir. Would you like me to take the picture so you and your wife can be in it with your son?

The college students we saw in Charleston stores weren’t bums but in comparison to the sailors they looked laid back with long hair and skinny jeans.

Like omigod, Caitlyn, look at these shoes! Like, so cute!

We stayed in the historic part of Charleston. I loved walking around looking at houses that were built in the 1700 or 1800s. The place had somewhat of a college-town feel with so many non-chain restaurants and interesting stores all within walking distance.

Before flying home we went to the Patriots Point naval museum. Like, omigod, that was the best ever!

Seriously, I loved Patriots Point. I’mn fascinated with WW II history. The aircraft carrier USS Yorktown is moored there as a museum ship. We were able to walk all through it. As big as the Yorktown is, it’s amazing how 2,600 men could live in all those tiny compartments. Next to the Yorktown is a WW II era destroyer and a diesel submarine that we also got to tour. I could have walked through the ships and that sub all day.

We’ll be back in six months when Matt finishes “power school.” I’m looking forward to it.

  1. gettingamyright said: You must be so proud of him
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