Things that are yellow, for $400, Alex.

Many parents know that often when a youngster is really crabby the kid is tired and/or hungry. Naps and food are the obvious remedies. Proper planning means using these as preventative measures.

When my sons were young and I needed to bring them somewhere, be it relatives’ houses or just a grocery store, I made sure they weren’t starving or super tired. This I learned from experience.

During one colossal meltdown at the Mall of America’s Lego Land I got very embarrassed, picked up my kid and quickly walked out. A mall cop briefly followed me. Seriously. Probably making sure it wasn’t a kidnapping attempt.

I was saved from arrest when my child screamed “I hate you dad!” Had it had been a real kidnapping the mall cop saw I was already getting punished for my crime and let me go about my business.

The kid fell asleep in his car seat on the ride home. Back home he had a little snack then he was all smiles. A totally different child.

It doesn’t go away when the child is old enough to have a driver’s license.

In a soccer game the other night Jack was losing his temper. The referee warned him to calm down. Moments later Jack “bumped into” an opponent. It wasn’t bad enough to normally get a yellow card but with that verbal warning only moments earlier, well he asked for it.

After the game he snarled at me. Words were exchanged. Not nice ones. I stopped trying to talk to him. He was tired and cranky. Then he had a snack and became a nice person.

I wonder if I can find the little Cheerios container I used to carry around. I could bring it to soccer games.

It’s yellow, just like that card the referee held up.

  1. aliceinadexterdsworld said: You can get them at cub. Lol
  2. tallmormon said: hahaha
  3. sabbyrunsatl said: I love that his tongue is sticking out.
  4. zerotomudder said: Hangry = hunger + angry.
  5. livelaughlovearedhead said: Oh yes. Fun times.
  6. justbrooksy said: Haha. You’re much more patient than I am.
  7. trimamatri said: this is awesome!!
  8. lifewithkim said: There are days I need the yellow Cheerios container too:)
  9. orangecrossfitter said: I know a few adults (including myself) for whom this still holds true ;-)
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