I rather enjoy Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

It’s interesting to me how the segments are recorded. In many scenes you can see the three small cameras affixed to the car windshield. I’m sure they’re not super cheap but they certainly aren’t big shoulder-carried cameras like TV news people have. The picture quality is terrific.

In the show with Louis C.K. the opening sequence has an aerial view of Jerry driving a car. At the bottom of the screen the shadow of a quad-rotor helicopter that is clearly carrying a camera.

In several scenes the support vehicle is obvious. In this one it’s a black Chevy Suburban.

None of this is sloppiness or errors. There isn’t really any reason to try to camouflage the small cameras. I think it’s neat to see how it’s made. Anyone could do it too. Well, not be funny and drink coffee with Don Rickles or Chris Rock, but produce something like this with-own spending a million bucks.

  1. mar-kicksass said: I tried to click “play.” :(
  2. kristenquotidienne said: GoPros are really fantastic consumer-grade cameras. We use ours a ton when traveling. I have been thinking about taking it to circus sometime on a chest harness or head mount, too. They are great for active applications, even underwater.
  3. exitrowiron said: They’re using GoPro cameras and relatively speaking, they are super cheap and HD quality is amazing. I’m sure they’re using a different mic system for audio though.
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